How to ace your Bridal Makeup Trial

December 23, 2017


First of all, congratulations!! 

If you are looking at booking in your bridal makeup trial, I assume your wedding is not far away - what a joyful and exciting season you are in.

For a lot of us, our wedding day is the most important day of our lives to date and we understandably want to look and feel like our best versions of ourselves. Feeling your most beautiful on your wedding day is such a special feeling and entrusting me as your Makeup Artist is such a privilege as I do play a large part in creating this feeling for you. 

Whilst it is my number one priority to provide satisfaction for every one of my bridal clients, there are certainly things you can also do and tips to take on board to ensure you get the most out of your trial and makeup application on the day. I will write a part 2 blog for your makeup on the day - stay tuned for that!

For now, let's discuss the first appointment, your trial.




There is the more obvious ways to be prepared like sending in makeup inspiration images and that is certainly recommended if you know what you want, or have some sort of idea. But, sometimes, there are those of you that are just unsure of where to even start or what to look for - let me know help you take the guesswork out of this process. Upon booking in your trial and wedding date with me, you would have been sent your consultation form. I encourage you to fill this out to the best of your ability, including as much information as you can and sending it back to me prior to your trial. This form not only describes your skin type, which in turn ensures I have the perfect cosmetics suited to you on hand, but also helps me paint the picture of the 'type' of makeup style you may want from the theme of your wedding and other choices. Sometimes we don't know what makeup style we want! So by describing other elements of your wedding, it greatly helps me doing this for you and creating a makeup look suited to your personality and wedding theme.


Many factors can play a part in how we view our face and makeup, at the time of our trial. For example, you will see a huge difference between having your bridal makeup done paired with greasy hair in a bun and in your sweatpants, compared to having your bridal hair done and wearing a white top or dress, with a similar cut/neckline. 

Prepare in advance for this. Some other things you may want to consider is will you wear glasses/contacts on the day? Will you have a spray tan and hence, the foundation may be darker? Will you have eyelash extensions or do you want false eyelashes? Will you have a veil over your face? Will you have earrings in? What colour will you be wearing? This is a huge one.  Many times it has happened where a client of mine has her bridal makeup done on our trial and soon as I put a white cloth over her neckline to cover the top (bright pink, dull navy, cotton jumper etc.) it greatly makes a beautiful difference and helps us paint the picture. 



One word - eyebrows. Eyebrows shape your whole face and can make a great difference for your overall makeup, eye shape and eyeshadow choices. I advice having your eyebrows done the same way you would have them on your wedding day. 



I know it is an exciting thing to bring your Mum and Bridesmaids to all your appointments, get their opinion and have them involved - you only do this once so totally lap up every opportunity doing these exciting Bride things with your loved ones. 

However, please do consider if it's worth leaving all that group stuff for the gown shopping and champagne sipping. Sometimes too many opinions can cloud how YOU may want your makeup. I advise coming alone for your hair and makeup trial's and leaving it to the expert's opinion to create the best look suited to you. After that, you can go show off your gorgeous self to all family and friends. 



I am sure it will be your first instinct to want to make the most of having your makeup done anyway, but just in case you go to wash it off before your Fiance see's you, I recommend to first test the longevity, taking photos, checking it out in different lighting and any other thing you may want to do. Because you are getting your makeup done in studio lighting, you may want more or less bronzer in different lights or after taking photos you will also realise you need that touch more makeup to ensure it shows up on camera and does not wash you out. 
If I am fortunate enough to be your Makeup Artist, you can rest assure that my bridal makeup lasts well over 16 hours of wear if you need it to and I take into consideration that you will need it that touch more 'done' to show up on your professional photos - it is a fine line, but that is the beauty of a trial to test it out and how you want it.



I want to hear your thoughts! I do everything I can to ensure you're comfortable and so you know that you can tell me to change, add, take off any aspect of your makeup. This is your time, this is what a trial is all about. Don't worry about offending your Makeup Artist, we want you to be 100% happy and satisfied and it is so much easier to help you and perfect the look and make changes while you're here, compared to trying to understand what you mean over email once you have left. Your 'natural' may be different to what our 'natural' is and a smokey eye to you can also be different to what a define as a smokey eye. So, let's work through it together and ensure you speak up about anything you're 'iffy' on. 



When choosing your Makeup Artist, and this can be the same for almost any other wedding supplier, keep in mind that you cannot have a top quality service for the price of a cheap service. You truly do get what you pay for and it is worth investing in a top quality, experienced and professional Makeup Artist. You do not want running mascara, eyelashes falling off, cakey foundation, flash-back in your photos - you get the picture. This is the one day to completely pamper yourself and ensure you're feeling and looking the absolute best version of yourself. Treat yourself and have realistic expectations. 

I hope the above has helped you better prepare for your makeup trial and give you a good idea of what to expect. Please do not hesitate to email me with any further questions or if you would like me to touch on any of the above topics in more detail. 

Stay tuned for PART 2 - Get the most out of your Bridal Makeup on the Wedding Day.


Emily Jane, 

Head Makeup Artist.

Pure Nava.

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