Wedding Day Makeup Tips

February 25, 2018


Your wedding day has finally come around. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the suppliers do the rest for you until you walk down the isle. Trust me, just relax!
Although, keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure you get the most out of your makeup and leave no room for disappointment.

Often, there is only so much we can do - we cannot change the temperature, the wind, the rain, the circumstances. But, we will do our absolute best and with your help in these small ways - we will get pretty close to perfect with your makeup look. Which, as a Bride, is exactly what you want and what I expect to deliver. 

1. Re-think expressions

- I don't want to sound like a party-pooper, especially on your wedding day. But, I think you may also want to know this. When you have 'wet' foundation and concealer layered on your face and I am blending it in, if you start laughing, frowning, talking, basically moving your face muscles - you are creating lines all over your face. The makeup is going to melt right into those lines a lot more obviously than if you had no makeup on or if your makeup was already set.

I always guide my Brides by politely informing them that we are now going to set the face with powder. Once the powder is on, it is basically like concreting in place the base foundation. I always do my best to first press out every little line, however, if you are still making facial expressions while I am doing that, we will be there all day trying to press it out then set it (hello permanent smile and frown lines).  So, in short, try to relax, close your eyes and leave the talking and giggling with your Bridesmaids till after your face has been set with powder/dried in place (just ask, I'll tell you when) to ensure your face is as flawless and smooth as possible. 

If the crease lines don't bother you, then amazing! You chatterbox away - just something to keep in mind for those of you that are prone to the 'lines'.



-For best results, try to create an environment where your makeup is going to thrive. Is it a hot, humid day? Choose a room with aircon. Is it really windy? Maybe close up the windows - your hair stylist will thank you for it and so will your false eyelashes. Is the room dark? Open up the blinds, face towards the light and don't have your back to it, choose a room with windows. 

There is only so much my ring light can do - if the room is very dark to begin with, it can still cast shadows on your face. 

Also, consider the space. I always bring a comfortable, director chair for you to sit in, but a table for the makeup to go on is best. Discuss with your hair and MUA what their needs are in terms of furniture/space/electrical points etc. It is also usually good if the Hair and MUA are working in the same room, within talking distance, to discuss timing and ensuring we are on track.

Which leads me to the next point ..


3. Hair & Makeup Team

- This is not essential, but always a lovely bonus. I only thought about this point after my best friend got married and I asked what she thought about her hair and makeup team to get insight into what it's like from the other side and not my professional working side (their work was ah-mazing on the girls). The Bridal Party loved the work, but, they said their dynamic was different and since they didn't know each other and were different ages, it wasn't like fireworks of awesome vibes. It wasn't terrible! She just said it lacked the 'party vibes' and while they did an amazing job at what they're there to do, they didn't bring anything 'extra'. 

Again, this is not an essential, just something to consider if 'the vibe' is important to you like it was to the girls above. When you book your MUA, ask her if she recommends a Hair Stylist or someone in particular she loves working with and vice versa with the Hairstylist. Couldn't hurt to check out the recommendations and see if you equally love their work - I can almost guarantee you'll then be more at ease with the Hair and MUA already knowing each other, and having worked and communicate well together. Compared to two that haven't yet worked as a team together and have to discuss how they do it/figure it out on the day. I am not saying it will be a disaster - I work with new hair stylists all the time and we still make it work and have fun - it's  just always a lovely bonus and one less thing to think about. 


4. Are you a coffee drinker?

- I know it's early, you may be tired and want a delicious warm cup of coffee with your breakfast. However, one more thing to just consider and also not a must, is to save your coffee until after your makeup has been done. Why though? Because, there is nothing worse than having your false eyelashes not stuck down securely enough and having them lift in the corners - such a pain and not a good look! After caffeine, on some, our lashes jitter 1 million miles an hour and makes it very difficult for the eyelash glue to dry on a shaky eye. The drying time is the vulnerable time of the glue and it's best to keep your eyes shut and still for it to dry securely on the lash line instead of just hanging on. Some people are fine after coffee, but some also have fluttery eyes (when closed) afterwards without even knowing. Maybe after your next cup of coffee in the morning you can close your eyes or pretend to put lashes on and you will find out if they do shake or not.

*Same goes for liquid eyeliner - we sure don't want a wonky liner and no matter how steady our hand is when applying it, if your eye cannot stay still, it's not going to be a smooth line. 


5. Make a break

- Allow your Hair and MUA to break for water, coffee and/or food if it's been more than a few hours. Of course for our comfort, but also, for your results. You don't want an over-fatigued, dizzy MUA applying your lipstick, for example. This goes for all of your suppliers and the reason why your photographer will most likely have in their contract, a request for a supplier meal at the reception. 

Ensuring we are lively, fed and hydrated is totally going to ensure you get the most out of us! 

This doesn't mean you need to feed us and do a coffee run - not at all! We will come prepared, but just being understanding that we may take 5 if needed - still of course staying well on schedule. 


6. clothing choice

- While matching pink or white silky robes are super cute to get ready in, consider changing or wearing a hand towel over your shoulders just while you're in the makeup chair. I've seen it done before where the robe has rubbed up against the makeup kit or when a squirt of foundation from the pump sprays off centre and onto your lap or powder fall-out lands on your shoulders... it can happen! As careful as us Makeup Artist's are, we don't want to risk seeing a makeup stain on your beautiful robe.  If you don't want to risk it, we can put a towel around your shoulders. Otherwise, if it doesn't bother you, you rock that pretty PJ outfit and make the most out of wearing it.

And, an obvious one, it is risky having your bridal gown or veil close by to our work stations. Best to keep it in a separate area as a makeup stain mistake on your PJ's or robe we can handle, but not on the train of your dress!


7. best till last?

- Have a think about the order of who goes first with hair and makeup. Find out how long  the hairstyle is going to take as well as how long makeup is going to take. Who wants to go first and last? Plan this out - your hairstylist and MUA will work this out with you once we arrive (refer to point #3 about them knowing each-other and working together before).

It is also a myth that you save the best until last with makeup. In my opinion and experience,  if the bride wants to be last, it doesn't necessarily mean the 'freshest', it actually more often than not leaves the bride feeling stressed. This is because the Bride is the closest to the finish time with the caterers, florists, photographers, in-laws... every man and his dog basically arriving as we are finishing up your makeup - possibly causing you to feel slightly flustered . 

I think second last is best so you are still 'fresh' but also not stressing being close to the finish time deadline and you will be all ready to answer questions, greet and direct when people start to arrive. It's good to have Mother of Bride or Groom/Grandma or Flower Girl last, having the Bridal Party done first. You guys can then go to another room or area of the house, debrief, relax, have a cuddle, get dressed, photos with the photographer etc. while we finish up and pack up in the 'busy' area.

The 45 minute/ 1 hour wear time will make no difference for you, plus you all get 'checked' and touched up before I leave anyway. All of you will look as if you just hopped out of the makeup chair, even if it has already been hours. 


So, there we have it. The nitty-gritty, very picky, handy tips to consider for the morning of your wedding day. Some of you Brides may think it's a little over the top and just want to wake up and go with the flow - you go girl! Don't let me change your mind.

This is just for those of you Brides that have requested such a blog and I get asked these sort of questions often. If you're anything like me and want your Makeup absolutely perfect and have an organised, stress-free morning of, then you may find these points helpful.

Planning my own wedding my self has made me think differently and I want to offer back to my Brides every little thing I do and think of to ensure the morning runs well - after the multiple Bridal Parties I have done I have picked up on the little things that can make a big difference. 

*Yes, I am doing my own makeup for my own wedding ;)

Another frequent question I get asked.




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Emily Jane, 

Head Makeup Artist.

Pure Nava.





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